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October 03, 2022

Cogeneration Unit in Puerto Rico, Continues Through Hurricane Outages

A combined heat and power unit from 2G Energy Inc in Añasco, Puerto Rico, continues normal operation through hurricane Fiona amidst total power outages across the island.

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St. Augustine, September 2022 – As a category 1 hurricane wreaked havoc on the island of Puerto Rico, leaving many without power, sustaining damage from winds, and rainfall that brought floods sweeping through towns, there was a resort that stood tall without losing heat or power supply resisting the impactful elements.

 The Rincon Beach Resort located in Anasco, Puerto Rico, continued its daily operation throughout the catastrophic storm, Fiona, with a combined heat and power unit from 2G Energy Inc. This 240 kW combined heat and power (CHP) system was able to utilize ‘island mode’ for a continuous supply of both electric and heating/cooling as needed, without having to pull from the grid supply.

 Puerto Rico’s grid has long been criticized as unreliable and unstable, but residents have complained that the outages have increased in recent years. After the 2017 hurricane Maria tore through the island, it took more than 11 months to restore power to normal operations.

 The 2G propane CHP system allowed us to continue operations through the storm while the majority of facilities struggled to remain online. As part of the territory continues without power weeks later, the system has allowed us to continue operating on ‘island mode’.” – Eduardo Somoza, Rincon Beach Resort

 This site utilizes one of 2G’s systems with a generating capacity of 240 kW electrical and 367 kW thermal. This unit is generating both the heat and power for the local resort with propane as the fuel source. It is fully containerized with ‘Island Mode’ for built-in resiliency and continuation during a blackout or natural disaster and is rated to withstand tropical winds and seismic activity.

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