2G Blog

July 14, 2021

Resiliency is key in today’s world, and never more so in the last year.

There were the changes common to many of us such as working remotely and wearing masks while social distancing. But for the service team there were also extra changes such as customer site restrictions where negative covid testes were requested as well as presenting documentation of previous travel before being allowed on site. Cross border commissioning technicians also had to follow mandatory governmental hotel quarantine waits of up to 2 weeks before being allowed to travel freely.  Supply chain delays also increased during this time. The increased measures meant technicians were away from their families longer and put in more overtime hours.




I don’t think there is one service team member who went further than the rest. They all stepped up and adapted to what needed to be done during covid.”                                                             Says Mitch Lankford 2G Energy USA Service Manager, “We have a great team”.


Virtual technician training was also implemented during this time to reduce any unnecessary travel and allow people to social distance as much as possible.

 Thank you to the entire team!